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Cut Shit Up
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About cut_shit_up
We are a community all about DIY, art, recipes, crafts, photography, poetry, and just about everything and anything creative.

We are a new community, and if you have any suggestions, questions, etc. email to: amanda_thompson14@hotmail.com I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible, if I don't reply in over two weeks I'm either dead, close to it, or your email got filtered as junk mail, and you should send it again.


Age, Gender & Location:
A few samples of things you've made:
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Where you found this community:

1. You must be 14 or older
2. Post your application withing 48 hours of joining. We want you to become an active member.
3. Type "I am creative" as your application subject
4. All large pictures go behind a LJ cut. Or when you're posting more than one smaller image.
5. This place is for expressing your artistic like talents. It's about cutting shit up. Not starting it. No rude comments. Didn't your mother teach you if you didn't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?

Member Rules
1. Try to post as often as possible!
2. Comment on entries by other members.
3. When a member applies you vote a yes or no. That's it. You can compliment them if you would like but don't tell someone how bad they suck. We want people to want to join.

ALL PROMOTIONS UNDER A CUT. All must be RELEVANT and NO SALES POSTS. Although you can post something you made and mention where it is for sale.

If you promote here you MUST PROMOTE US IN THE COMMUNITY THAT YOU ARE PROMOTING. If the promoting gets to be too much we will ban it.

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