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I realised this is my own community and I hadn't even posted  so here are some pictures

Some of my buttons, beads and star sequins. Look they're organized!


yummy peanut butter kiss cookies. the recipe is really simple i can post it if anyone wants it.


Some boxes I decorated. Inside is paper, stickers,cut outs from magazines and cardboard. its on a craftylike shelf. You can see glue, glass frosting spray, some pink scarf I was knitting and some drawings that my boyfriend did a long time ago.

Jewelry making supplies that are in a big box I covered in Hellokitty wrapping paper.

More decorated boxes. Did you notice how much I like to organize things?

They just have cute asian stationary paper on them.

I bought this at value village or something. It had this ugly patch on it that said fifth avenue so I took it off and sewed on buttons. Then today I made a dangly for the zipper oout of thread and beads

I didn't do these but I love it and it's art.

Lots more things from me once exams are done with!

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